Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thank You for Your Patience: A Brief Life Update (Plus a Cute Cat)

I wish I could now proudly say my Etsy store is launched and my wares are now available for purchase.  Alas, this is not the case.  I am still balancing my day job and some other very exciting side projects I can't wait to share with you.  Finally (and hopefully my last excuse), I am without a permanent studio and right now am trying to work in a small portion of my bedroom.  Needless to say this is far from ideal.  In good news, however, I will be combining households with my boyfriend and will have this whole lovely three bedroom house to just the two of us (plus, of course, the cat).  This means I get my own, dedicated workspace.  I am beyond excited.  I will have space, organization, and a custom-designed set-up that doesn't have to be torn down every day.  Eeek.

Aside from the excuses, I come bearing some good news as well.  While creating physical objects may be encumbered by my present situation these three remaining weeks (and counting!), writing and photography is not.  This is why I am here, prior to my Etsy debut.  I already have some posts planned, everything from recipes to some gnarly "before" shots as I get down to business with the house re-do.  I hope you enjoy.

To make this post at least slightly worth your time, here is a picture of Rosalita.

At first she was afraid of the new rug.  Now it is one of her main lounge lairs.